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R.J. Dauhn Aircraft LLC,
Flight aircraft surfaces and fuselage skin repair headquarters
Flight control surface repair.

About R.J. Dauhn

R.J. Dauhn has been involved in aviation for the majority of his adult life. He has acquired most aircraft ratings and certificates including instructors and instrument instructors, ATP (both single and multi-engine) and various unlimited aerobatic waivers – to surface.
What is interesting about this is that all of these ratings were done “home study/self taught.” This also includes certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspector Authorization rating(A&P/IA).
RJ has written feature articles for leading aircraft magazines as well as the “Tab Books – The Pilot’s Quiz book
These writings were done under the Pen Name: Bob Walsh. For many years The Pilot’s Quiz book was required reading at Emery Riddle Aeronautical University.

R.J. Dauhn Equipment Designer

Many of the tooling and fixtures in our shop were designed and fabricated by R.J. Dauhn or under his direct supervision. RJ has a machine shop background which greatly facilitated the creation of many precision jigs, tools and fabrication equipment and machines. These tools, machines and equipment are one reason we produce some of the best replacement parts available today. (Our equipment)

R.J. Dauhn the writer:

R.J. Dauhn considers aircraft reconstruction and repair both interesting and challenging in almost every way. Aviation is never boring. In R.J. Dauhn’s spare time, he has begun his next book which will concentrate on the “Mysteries of Aircraft Fabrication, Rebuilding and Repairs.” The working title of the book is “ Building and Fabricating – A Creative Consciousness”

R.J. Dauhn The musician/motorcyclist:

In addition to his aviation, R.J. Dauhn is also an accomplished musician, playing, among others, the Sax, Clarinet, Flute and the Chromatic Harmonica. R.J. Dauhn actually took “Best of Show” a few years back at the Clearwater Jazz Festival. RJ Studied under Phillip Greenup while taking courses at Julliard School of music. Fortunately for aviation, R.J. Dauhn has been quoted as saying “Music is a wonderful hobby, but far too risky a venture to attempt as a fulltime profession” R.J. Dauhn loves music and motorcycling, and finds both engaging and fulfilling, but his true love is aviation. When R.J. Dauhn isn’t working on aircraft, he loves flying them.

R.J. Dauhn the pilot:

R.J. Dauhn has logged many thousands of hours in over thirty different aircraft both single and multi-engine. He is an accomplished aerobatics pilot, and R.J. Dauhn holds Instructor, Instruments Instructor and Single and Multi-Engine ATP ratings